AKASHA: A Bird's Calling

is a group project by Min Young Lee (character design / assets / background) , Maddie Hand (Animation / assets / writer), and Jessica Piszczek (UI / program), created for Senior Thesis.

A non-songbird, magpie, named Akasha, loves to sing, which it is illegal in High Bird Society. The society takes away their voice and casts them to the lower world, where all the criminal birds go. Follow Akasha's journey to get back their voice in the land of exiles. 

In-game example 1
Main Character
In-game background 1
In-game Background 2
Quetzel sketch
Quetzal Character sheet
Crow man sketch
Crow man Character sheet
Main character outfit explore
Main Villain
Main Villain sketch
Side Villains
Land of Exile sketch
Side characters
Crane sketch
Side characters
Side characters
crowman cutscene fixe
Untitled_Artwork (47)
Asset sketch
Game assets

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